The one-stop South Eastern Railway shop


In 1985 I made a decision to model the South Eastern Railway of England. Hardly any parts were available, and fewer kits. I longed for a one-stop shop where I could find all that I needed. The solution was, as usual, “If you want it, do it yourself.”

Now, 28 years later, SER-Kits is that shop, and I hope the range will continue to grow. Future modellers of this interesting and often quirky 19th Century Railway no longer face the same wait that I did.

To find out more, download the catalogue of kits and parts many of which will be useful to modellers of other19th Century Railways.  Click on a link above or on the sidebar.  All kit instructions can also be downloaded for free so that you can see in advance what’s to be done.

STOP PRESS! If you want to know more about modelling the South Eastern, go to the new page of that title for non scale-specific information on track, Wealden scenery, Painting South Eastern Models and more.

(If you’ve googled South Eastern Railway hoping for the South Eastern Railway of India, I’m sorry to have disappointed you!)

If you’re looking for the South Eastern & Chatham Railway Society, click on the link: