Etches and Transfers

Etches – reversioning to other scales

I’m prepared to consider versioning etches into other scales, provided that there is either a demand for a sufficient number or that you are prepared to pay some of the upfront costs for a one-off.cropped-other-scales-3-5mm-o.jpg

For example a member of the South Eastern and Chatham Society commissioned the Stirling O loco in 3.5mm scale on 0.25mm N/S and was very happy with the result.  As a result I can now supply the etch for 3.5mm scale containing parts for two locos including boilers, as well as extra carriage parts etches.

For etches already available in other scales, go to the other scales page

TransfersOther scales - transfers

As with etches, I’m prepared to consider reprinting in other scales if there is sufficient demand or you’re prepared to pay some of the upfront costs. To see current transfers in 7mm scale, download the catalogue.