What’s New and What’s Planned

What’s new?

  •  SER Cudworth Mail 2-2-2– all versions readyMail rear RHS 3-4 low res
  • F/F1 – trial build in progress, should be available late 2017
  • Station delivery van – now available, also with Carter Paterson transfers
  • New etches: loco headcodes, 7 and 4mm; wagon destination chalk boards

What’s planned?

  • Artwork for the Stirling B/B1 4-4-0 is underway, so they should be available in late 2018.
  • A typical English Wain as seen in the well-known Constable painting. This type of wagon was common across the country
  • The Gilbert Cars, all types including No.47: open verandah and vestibuled versions with resin floors, sides and roof; low melt alloy castings and etched bogies and brake gear. Mock-up of one completed. Hopefully available 2019.
    What's planned - Gilbert Car low res